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Slow grown to develop flavour

Our cattle are slow grown over a period of at least 2 years, on a diet of 100% of our diverse pasture. 

Daily moves and ranging across the pasture provides them with the exercise they need to develop muscle slowly.  This improves the texture and quality of the meat.  We then hang our beef for 21 days to bring out the full flavour.

Locally delivered

We will have beef available regularly to delivery to the local area, currently within 7 mile radius of Halberton (or up to a 20 mile radius by prior arrangement) details of which can be found on our Delivery page.  If you are currently ineligible for delivery please register your interest and we will contact you.

If you have any special requirements not listed on our website, please contact us, as we will try to accommodate your requests wherever possible.

How to order

As our cattle grow slowly, at a natural pace, they do not reach maturity until at least 2 years old.  Due to their larger size, we offer beef less frequently throughout the year.  Fill in the form below to join the waiting list for our next beef delivery. 

We have 2 sizes of meat boxes available, 5kg or 10kg.  If you prefer to choose exactly which items you order, we also have a separate selection of beef.

When ordering, please ensure you pick the same delivery date for your whole order, or further delivery charges may apply.


FRESH IN - we will be delivering our next 100% pasture-fed beef on Friday the 10th September. Our beef has proved very popular so be sure to order quickly to have the best choice!


We know each of our animals individually and part of treating them with respect is to appreciate the produce they provide us with.  We aim to offer complete transparency with our products, so as part of that you'll be able to read a little about the animals that make our pasture fed beef for each delivery.

hand reared pure bred Stabiliser heifer standing in the pasture facing the camera head on

September delivery

This beef is from one of our 26-30 month old heifers.  Our heifers spend as much time as possible outside, coming inside only for the wetter months of winter to prevent damage to the soil.  They're 100% pasture-fed for their entire lives, moving every day to fresh forage, followed by our pasture raised chickens.  Between them they encourage plants to grow taller and faster, drawing huge amounts of carbon into the soil and supporting the vast numbers of soil microorganisms who work for healthy soil - and therefore healthy plants and animals!


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