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Hi, I'm Amy

Coming from a farming family, my passion for agriculture started from an early age and working on the family farm alongside my schooling, meant I was outdoors at every opportunity.   On completing my A-levels, it was natural to continue my education in farming and I started a year-long internship to learn more about carbon negative farming and regenerative agriculture, such as no-till cropping and holistic planned grazing.  

As farmers, I believe we have the responsibility of being custodians of the landscape we share with nature, so farming in a way that has a positive impact on the environment is really important to me.

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic meant that my internship came to an end early after just 6 months.  However, not one to let a small challenge set me back, I decided to bring forward my plans to increase my livestock at Redwoods, applying what I've learnt.

I've founded the Redwoods Farm online shop to offer you the quality meat and eggs we produce on our farm which is full of flavour, 100% traceable and with complete transparency on the natural way they are produced.

Why regenerative?

Regenerative agriculture recognises that we need more than just sustainability; we need to regenerate.  It focuses on the health of the soil, the foundation of our ecosystem.  A single handful of soil contains billions of life forms and has the potential to store huge quantities of carbon, something which is vital to reverse climate change.

Our meat is produced in a way that respects the animal and the environment, creating a better quality product with a high nutritional value.  Our aim is to farm in a way that has a positive impact on the environment, so that our produce is of high quality and production is not rushed or forced.

Our animals

At Redwoods Farm we always put our animals first.  From encouraging natural behaviours to moving regularly to fresh pasture, we raise our animals as naturally as possible.  We carefully select the breeds we keep at Redwoods to ensure they fit with our farming methods.

Blending traditional methods of farming with the latest agricultural technology and techniques, along with the respect we have for our animals who provide us with our food, results in flavoursome, high quality produce.

Our ethos

Our belief in looking after the environment reflects in all we do.  From the suppliers we choose, to where we look for inspiration and guidance on our regenerative farming practices and much more.  

We carefully choose the people and organisations that we work and engage with, to ensure they support our ethos on looking after our land and animals to work in concert with the natural world around us, not against it, is paramount.


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