Quality farm produce, never rushed

At Redwoods Farm, we aim to farm in a way that has a positive impact on the environment,
using regenerative methods so that our produce is of high quality and production is not rushed.  

Pasture-raised, slow-grown and soy-free meat, produced in a way to respect the animal and environment, to create a better quality product.  Our hens are free to roam and lay at a natural pace.  All locally delivered.

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Seasons at Redwoods Farm - Spring

We're looking forward to welcoming you back to our events in 2024!  We've planned 4 events this year based on the seasons and how that directs life on the farm.  Our first is Spring and we'll beRead more

Seasons at Redwoods Farm - 2024 events

Redwoods events are back in full swing for 2024!  We're planning four events, which we're called Seasons at Redwoods Farm and each will have a separate theme.  The first will be held at UplowmanRead more

Christmas Pop-up Shop 2023

Our Christmas Pop-up Shop is back this year, building on the success of last year and our Fresh Friday events this summer.  Offering you local regenerative produce from Redwoods Farm, along withRead more

Festive Ordering

Read our handy guide to ensure you have Redwoods flavour this Christmas, with tasty regenerative produce from our Christmas range and more.  Available by pre-order for collection at our ChristmasRead more

The Pig Farmer - a short film by Chris Baker

We're always happy to share our farming with anyone, but when you are fortunate to meet someone in a position to tell your story so artistically, well, who are we to say no?  I got chatting withRead more

River pollution & Why farming matters at the Liberal Democrat Conference

I was invited by Sustain to join their panels at a couple of their sessions at the Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth last weekend.   Making the case for regenerative farming, working withRead more

Fresh Friday - 29 September 2023

The last of our Fresh Friday events for this year will be on 29 September, so make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to join us for local regenerative produce from Redwoods Farm, along withRead more

Fresh Friday - 1 September 2023

Not long to go until our next Fresh Friday!  We're looking forward to seeing both new and familiar faces and chatting with you.Read more

Why do we shear sheep? Redwoods Farm shearing 2023

A guest blog by Suzie Chapple, following our shearing 2023.  As the eldest daughter of Mark & Pauline and sister to Amy, Suzie Chapple has been involved in farming all her life.  Now working as a fRead more

Our next Fresh Friday - 4 August 2023

Just a week to go until our next Fresh Friday on Friday, 3 August 2023 from 5pm to 7pm, so come and join us.  We had a great time at our launch at the end of June and didn't let the rain dampen ourRead more

Pasture for Life farm visit - soy free pastured pigs & poultry

Whilst we love talking to our customers and sharing our Redwoods Farm story, we are also committed to sharing knowledge within the industry with other farmers.  It is only by talking with andRead more

Fresh Friday launch - 30 June 2023

Our new Fresh Friday will launch on Friday 30 June 2023 with a bit of a splash as we have a few extra treats planned for our first one!  Building on the success of our Christmas pop up shop back inRead more

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