Pasture raised

Our hens are moved regularly onto fresh pasture. They love to explore and find new things to eat, giving them a balanced and varied diet. The hens often follow behind the cows or pigs, scratching around the dung, eating larvae and other bugs which would harm the pigs or cows. 

The need for additional feed is greatly reduced in this system, minimising transportation; the majority of food is in the field.

Laying at their own pace

We keep our hens until they are at least 2 and a half years old and many of them we re-home at Redwoods when they are deemed at the end of their useful life from more intensive farms. 

Our older hens are allowed time off through the winter when they can moult and have some rest from egg laying.  This is the time when our new birds start laying so we can maintain a steady supply of eggs.


The tasty eggs our laying hens produce have deep orange yolks which are the result of their varied diet and unlimited access to grass.

We currently deliver regular weekly orders to Uplowman, Sampford Peverell, Halberton and the Blundells road and Post Hill area of Tiverton.  We operate a regular order system for our eggs, although from time to time we have spare eggs available to sell with our other produce.


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