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Pasture Raised

We rear our chickens on a pasture raised system to encourage their natural foraging behaviour. The birds are moved daily, following our cattle out on the pasture. They fertilise the soil with their droppings and help to minimise fly and worm burdens on the cattle by scratching around in the dung pats, eating insects and larvae. This mimics a natural grassland system as large flocks of birds follow the herds of grazing ruminants.

Soy-free Diet

All of our chicks arrive as day olds, allowing us complete control over their feed. They're fed a 100% soy-free diet, with the large majority of feed ingredients being grown less than 10 miles away! Our chicks head out to the pasture at 2-4 weeks old, depending on the weather conditions and time of year.

Feeling safe

Chickens originate from jungle fowl, feeling safer under cover from aerial predators and in smaller flocks. We raise our chickens in either 'chicken tractors' - covered pens in flocks of 60 - or mobile polytunnels in flocks of up to 400, allowing them to feel secure.

Growing at a natural pace

We believe being pasture raised is fundamental to our soy-free diet, as it encourages foraging, exercise and allows the chicken to grow at a slower, more natural pace. All of this combined is what gives our chicken the tremendous flavour we know and love!


We keep our chickens to an absolute minimum of 10 weeks. They keep active throughout their lives, foraging in the pasture to produce the most succulent chicken you will ever taste.


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