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Happy life for better flavour

Our pigs keep active year round, foraging for food.  Their varied diet, slower growth rates and exercise gives the pork its rich flavour and makes it more nutritious.  

Our pigs are trailer trained from a young age so their short trip to the abattoir is stress free.  The meat is then prepared with the same care and respect we show the animal during its life, by our local artisan butcher, ready for your table.

Special requests

Want a whole pig for a spit roast, or a particular joint not listed on our website? If you have any special requirements, please talk to us, as we will try to accommodate your requests wherever possible.

How to order

As our pigs are slow grown, they mature at a natural pace and can reach different sizes, as we don't force them to a certain size.  We adjust our produce available for the listed delivery dates to allow you maximum choice when ordering.

When ordering fresh, please ensure you pick the same delivery date for your whole order, or further delivery charges may apply. 

We deliver frozen produce to order.


Visit our shop to order our slow grown pork, whether you're after that special roasting joint, something for supper, one of our larger meatboxes or to browse all our flavoursome pork produce.


We know each of our animals individually and part of treating them with respect is to appreciate the produce they provide us with.  We aim to offer complete transparency with our products, so as part of that you'll be able to read a little about the animals that make our slow grown pork for each delivery month.

Frozen Delivery

Grown slowly on a high forage diet to 10-12 months old, our pigs enjoy the great outdoors every day, exploring the woodland or pasture!

Large white cross Gloucester Old spot piglet on a deep litter in a barn, one ear cocked up looking straight at the camera

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