Freedom of fresh pasture

Our hens are moved regularly to fresh pasture.  Their tasty eggs with deep orange yolks are the result of their varied diet and unlimited access to grass.  Our mixed size boxes contain larger eggs with whiter shells from our older hens and smaller eggs with brown shells from our younger hens.  All our hens are vaccinated against salmonella.

You will never receive eggs over 10 days old and they stay fresh for 4 weeks after laying if stored in a cool, dry place with a constant temperature (ie do not store in the door of your refrigerator, instead place them on the top shelf).

Locally delivered

We currently deliver regular weekly orders to Uplowman, Sampford Peverell, Halberton along with the Blundells Road and Post Hill areas of Tiverton. If you are interested in a regular order, please fill in the form and we will contact you to let you know the first delivery date.  

Please be aware there may be a delay before your order starts as we are gradually building our flock. If you are not currently eligible for delivery, please fill in the form to let us know you are interested and we will contact you if delivery extends to your area.

How to order

As our hens lay regularly, we run a regular order and delivery for our fresh eggs.  By registering below, we are able to add you to our round if you are in our existing delivery areas.  We are also looking at extending our delivery areas, so we're always interested in hearing from new people too.

Please leave out your empty egg boxes for us to pick up with your weekly delivery so they can be reused. If they are unsuitable for reuse, they are composted to provide nutrients for the fields.

Our fresh pasture raised eggs are £1.90 per half dozen.


Complete the form below to register for a regular delivery of our pasture raised fresh eggs, delivered to you weekly.
Alternatively, call Amy on 07510 370530 to discuss your requirements.


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