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The Half Pig




Soy free pasture raised pork
Available at the beginning of every month

Our half pig meatbox is full of delicious pork for you to enjoy (photo does not show all of meatbox contents)

Half pig meatbox contents:

  • 2x 1.5kg rolled leg joint without bone
  • 2x 1.5kg rolled shoulder joint without bone
  • 2x 1.5kg belly pork on the bone
  • 8 loin chops
  • 2 spare rib chops  OR  2 shoulder steaks
  • 4x 300g leg steaks
  • 2kg bag sausages (total 24 - 28 sausages)
  • 8x pork and apple burgers
  • 500g diced pork
  • 500g mince pork
  • Approx. 300g BBQ ribs

total box weight approximately 18 - 20kg

We package our sausages in bags where possible to reduce waste. If freezing, we recommend freezing individually on trays before placing back into the bags so you can pick out how many you need at a time.

You save 15% by buying this meatbox compared to buying the products individually at our pop up shop events and market stalls.

Available for local delivery (10m radius of Tiverton) or collection at our farmers markets & pop-up shops.  To find out our next order dates for delivery/collection click here.

Produced by Amy


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