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Redwoods Farm

Redwoods Farm is run by Mark and Pauline Chapple
and their daughter Amy. 

We are located in Mid Devon, close to the Somerset border and originally part of the Huntsham Estate.  Rising to 850 feet above sea level, the rolling green hills of our farm lend themselves to the slow-grown, pasture fed way of raising our livestock.

Mark and Pauline have been beef and sheep farming together for over 20 years.  They have been experimenting with regenerative farming methods for 6 years, beginning with the system of mob grazing: moving a high density of livestock frequently onto fresh grazing, to offer a longer, more natural recovery period for the pasture.

Starting young

Amy has had her own livestock since she was 10, beginning with rearing young calves and keeping free range laying hens.  Now with a small number of cows and their calves, she has made the move to pasture raised hens, expanding the flock.

Due to her parent's sheep flock and cattle herd on the farm, Amy's cattle numbers are limited so she decided to diversify further, by introducing pigs to the farm.  She uses them to improve poorer areas of pasture as well as creating compost, so that instead of competing with the other livestock, the pigs are working with them.

Amy takes pride in the food she produces and founded the Redwoods Farm online shop to provide you with affordable, 100% traceable food which has a positive impact on the environment.

How we farm

Our focus is on caring for the land and environment in which we manage our animals.  

We have an open mind to change, continually assessing the suitability of our systems for the farm to fit a constantly changing climate and environment.  We always put our animals first and believe there is more than one way to raise livestock well.

We will always provide you with complete transparency in all aspects of our farm and the impacts each of our actions have on the environment, the animals and you, as well as the reasons behind each of our decisions.


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