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Our blog categories

Charolais cross lamb standing in the grassland with clouds and blues sky over the horizon in the background
We thought we’d give you a little overview of what to expect from our blogs, taking you through each category to see what it will contain. So read on for a quick heads up on each category . . .

Our Farm

Here you’ll be able to read what happens at Redwoods, as we develop our regenerative agriculture. We’ll keep you updated on how the farm develops and what we’re up to.

Our Animals

From updates on the latest furry or feathered arrivals to an in depth analysis of the breeds we keep. Our pasture fed animals are slow growing, so you may get some familiar faces that pop up frequently.

Our Produce

When we have news of some of our lovely produce coming up, we’ll let you know here.  It might be our nutritious and tasty eggs - great for baking or just to eat boiled, poached, scrambled or fried.  Or our flavoursome meat, slow grown and pasture fed for a truly quality meat.


Ok, so this one is a bit of a catch all for any of our latest updates that might interest you.  A quick way of keeping up to date on all things Redwoods.


This one could get a bit technical, as we will be explaining the principles and methods of regenerative agriculture and how we apply them here at Redwoods.  Building into a library articles on how we farm in this way, we aim to be transparent in how we share our farming practices with you.


So this could contain anything . . . but it will always be in my own words!  Really anything goes here, whether it is something in the industry that has caught my eye or home here at Redwoods.  I have no idea what it might be in the time ahead, but you’ll know that it will be straight from me!


Here we will share when we've appeared in film, broadcast or print media, either mainstream or industry specific.  We are fortunate to be approached by many outlets and whilst we may not always feature all of it here, or it may take some time to appear if it is embargoed, we are always open to enquiries.  So if you work in the media and would like to talk to us, please do get in touch for an initial chat to see how we may work together.

Don't see what you're looking for?

Over time, we hope to build a range of interesting blogs to let you know how we’re doing at Redwoods.  However, if there’s anything you’d like to hear from us that isn't listed here, you can always contact us to ask and we’ll try to cover it.


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