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Our next Fresh Friday - 4 August 2023

Just a week to go until our next Fresh Friday on Friday, 3 August 2023 from 5pm to 7pm, so come and join us.  We had a great time at our launch at the end of June and didn't let the rain dampen our spirits! (make sure you check out the photos at the end of this blog)

What's on

So what have we got in store for you this time?  Well obviously our great pasture raised soy-free produce for starters, which you can collect fresh from your local regenerative farm.   Our range includes our amazing slow grown chicken, pork, beef and lamb, along with pasture raised eggs, all of which have the same amazing flavour you've come to expect from our regnerative produce.

If you're looking for something specific, want to be sure of your produce, or are just pushed for time, you can contact us ahead of time to place your pre-order to collect, or alternatively you can take your pick from our flavoursome selection available when you arrive.

Why not browse our online shop for inspiration.  

Extra treats

Cakes & Drinks
As an extra treat this month, we have cakes made from our pasture raised eggs and drinks available for purchase, as you chat with us about our farming methods . . . we're always happy to take questions.

We'll also have some free tasters of our produce (subject to availability).

Tame Lambs
We also have a tame lamb experience this month where we'll be answering your questions on how we raise our lambs and sheep husbandry in general.  Whilst we try to minimise ending up with tame lambs, we do sometimes end up with a few that are hand-reared, for example due to their mother rejecting them or not having enough milk.  This year's crop are now around 4/5 months old and, due to their start in life are super friendly, so happy to get up close and personal with you. 
Note: they will be in a pen to view from afar for those less sure!

lamb standing in barn on straw looking directly at the camera

tame lambs back at lambing in April - although they're not quite so little now!

Our local artisans will be back with their stalls too . . . 

The Wood Nest

Jenna will also be joining us from The Wood Nest.  A designer maker who produces a unique range of gifts and more to entice you to reminisce about the moments you've been fully immersed in nature's wonder.

Using locally sourced sawmill offcuts or reclaimed wood, to create a canvas for new work, products are created by Jenna in her workshop and home studio, inspired by adventures in nature with her son.

Find Jenna on Instagram or visit her website to find out more.

Katie Chapple Photography

Katie is a talented photographer who takes amazing images of agriculture, landscapes, wildlife, pets (and human!) portraits and more.  In fact, many of the images right here on our website are taken by Katie.

You'll be able to purchase from her range of cards and prints which make the perfect gift, or why not talk to Katie about booking a portrait or other photo session to capture the perfect image for you.

Find Katie on Instagram or visit her website to find out more.  And below are a few photos taken by Katie of our Fresh Friday launch at the end of June.

Next Fresh Friday date

If you can't make this Fresh Friday, our next date will be 1 September 2023, why not pop it in your calendar now so you don't miss it!


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