The Pig Farmer - a short film by Chris Baker

We're always happy to share our farming with anyone, but when you are fortunate to meet someone in a position to tell your story so artistically, well, who are we to say no?  I got chatting with London-based filmmaker and photographer, Chris Baker, who explained his idea for a storytelling project exploring farmers and their relationship with animals and nature, focusing on those using regenerative principles.

Chris' sense of responsibility to the subject ensured he was truly representing what he observed when visiting farms. It means his series of films helps to educate people on the difference that regenerative farming can make, both in looking after our environment and ourselves. 

The conversation started in Summer 2021 and the film was released at the end of that year, so this post is a bit of a catch up, after a chat this summer with Chris at this year's Groundswell.  We'll let him tell you in his own words, how our film came about . . . 

A compelling story

"I met Amy from Redwoods Farm at Groundswell Festival in 2021." Chris remembers, "She shared tales with me of her pigs foraging in woods, homemade pig feed and the names of each them.  In the tone of her voice, when she spoke of these tales it wasn’t as if she were talking to me of farm animals, but of friends."

He continues, "I’d just become aware and interested in regenerative farming and having been on a different farm to Amy’s a few months prior it struck me how close the relationship between farmer and animal was. With the stories and the tone of the voice, I knew before we’d even talked about making a film or turned a camera on there was a compelling film to be made.

My hope in making this film was to represent truthfully the relationship I was lucky enough to observe."

Captured beautifully

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not naturally comfortable in front of the camera, but Chris made the filming session at Redwoods Farm so easy, that even I was surprised to come across with such a relaxed, natural manner.  We definitely had a few laughs on the day, with the pigs stepping up to be stars of the show, of course!  We absolutely love the result.

Our film, The Pig Farmer, is the second in the series by Chris, which can be found on his Vimeo channel.  The series also includes; The Beekeeper, The Shepherd, & The Dairy Farmer, all brilliant examples of people like us who love what they do, captured expertly by Chris.

Our film has been used by a number of organisations since, highlighting aspects of our soy-free pastured pigs, both environmental organisations and those within the farming & food industry.


Director/Cinematographer/Editor/Sound: Chris Baker (website)
Color: Nick Watson at Escape Hatch Studios


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