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Seasons at Redwoods Farm - 2024 events

Redwoods events are back in full swing for 2024!  We're planning four events, which we're called Seasons at Redwoods Farm and each will have a separate theme.  The first will be held at Uplowman Village Hall with the rest at Redwoods Farm.  Read on to find out more.

There'll be hot food (featuring Redwoods produce of course!), drinks, local artisan stalls and fun for all the family.  You can chat with us and buy our regeneratively raised produce as well as supporting other local, sustainable businesses.

2024 Dates for the diary






23 March 2024

1 - 5pm

Uplowman Village Hall


6 July 2024

1 - 6.30pm

Redwoods Farm


31 August 2024

1 - 6.30pm

Redwoods Farm


7 December 2024

1 - 6.30pm

Redwoods Farm

What's on for each season?

Spring: The story of Regeneration
This is the time when everything is waking up from the deep dark sleep of winter and we thought it the perfect time to share with you why we've decided to farm the way we do - regeneratively - as well as sharing what happens on the farm in springtime.  You can find out more about our Spring event here.

Summer: The story of Wool
We will take you on a journey through the story of wool.  We shear our sheep in summer for their welfare - not for profit as so often is thought.  Wool is so undervalued in this country; it costs us more to shear our sheep than we get back for the wool.  We're working on a new project this year - our Redwoods fibre range - which you'll be able to learn more about at the event!  You'll be able to watch parts of the process, from shearing the sheep to felting or spinning the processed wool.

Autumn: The story of Preparation
As a primarily livestock farm, we don't have a traditional harvest as arable farms do, so our autumn is filled with preparation for the coming year, as so much of our farming life is always planning ahead.  We'll share what this season has in store for us as we make preparations for the animals and the farm itself, planning for the next seasons as the cycle continues.

Winter: The story of Community
We believe in the power of community at Redwoods.  That's why we decided to make the focus of Winter's event about the local community, local food systems, and how it all can benefit each other, along with considering our place in our wider farming community.  We also want to show you how much your support means to us, not just during Christmas but throughout the whole year.  But of course, there'll be festive family fun as we all gather together at this special time of year.

Local artisan stalls

Our events just wouldn't be the same without the local artisan stalls who accompany us.  All of the local businesses who join us have views which align with ours and they ensure they're always thinking of how their decisions affect the environment with what they do.  Our blogs and social media will confirm who will be joining us for each event.

Seasonal Meatbox

Linked to our events, we'll also have our new Seasonal meatbox available quarterly for each event. 

Contents will change, as it will reflect the hot food served at each event, containing at least one from our range of meats offered, with a focus on the meat being served at the event.  It will also include recipe cards for inspiration and to whet your appetite.  All wrapped up in a bumper meatbox offer that will save you 20% when compared with purchasing the products individually - how's that for value! 

It will be available for pre-order for local delivery or collection at the time of each event - but you'll have to be quick, as there'll be limited availability of each box.

You can find out more about our Seasonal meatbox below:

How to find out more

We'll be releasing blogs ahead of each event (our Spring blog is already live here), so make sure you check here on our website, follow us on social media, or subscribe to our mailing list The Redwoods Roundup to be in the know.

We look forward to welcoming you to one, or all, of our events as we hope you'll join us through the Seasons at Redwoods Farm.


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