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Farms Not Factories - soy free pastured pigs

A while ago we were visited by Farms Not Factories, who wanted to understand more about how we farm our pigs at Redwoods Farm.  With some searching questions during their farm visit, no aspect of our pig's welfare was left unturned, even if our pigs were busy tucking into dinner and turning over the pasture as they filmed!

Who are Farms Not Factories?

Farms Not Factories are producing a series of films called 'Wise Farmers' to showcase those who are farming using high welfare methods to consumers and the wider public.

As a non-governmental organisation, Farms Not Factories have been campaigning against pig factories for over 15 years.  Using films for public screenings and social media, the organisation publicises the damage caused by factory pig farming to animals, human health and the environment, and urges consumers to only buy local, high welfare and ethically produced pork.

Redwoods Farm pigs in a starring role

As readers of my previous blogs will know, I'm never comfortable in front of the camera, but sharing the spotlight with our lovely pigs definitely makes it easier!  And we love telling the story of our soy free, pastured pigs.

Sharing how we care for our pigs, encouraging their natural behaviours as much as possible and the reasons why we keep them this way is really important for our own transparency, so we were pleased to be part of the Farms Not Factories campaign in this way.

Watch their film, released today, below . . . 

You can also read the full blog on the Farms Not Factories website by clicking on the image below:

A huge thank you to Farms Not Factories for sharing the story of our Redwoods Farm soy free pastured pigs and to all the lovely people who have posted supportive comments and re-shared the posts.


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