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The results are in!

Our sheep are back home from their winter holidays on our local arable and dairy farms and it’s time for pregnancy scanning! And now, the results are in…...

February 27, 2022

New arrivals

A few weeks ago we welcomed some 8 week old Gloucestershire Old Spot cross Oxford Sandy and Black piglets to the farm.  All of these 12 piglets are from the same litter....

December 6, 2020

The start of the shepherd's year

Putting the rams in with the ewes signals the start of a new season, when ewes start to carry the next generation. Everything for the shepherd relies on getting this right; this is where the future of the flock begins. It brings lambing one huge step closer! Pictured above are a few of our rams relaxing earlier in the year after we finished last lambing....

November 9, 2020

Why bring our cattle inside for winter?

Our cattle are a vital part of the regenerative farming methods we use here at Redwoods Farm.   Whilst we try to keep them out on the pasture for as long as possible, part of the annual cycle currently includes bringing them in for a few months over winter.  Read on to understand why....

October 30, 2020

Natural daylight & a hen's body clock

I always enjoy my early morning walks with Izzy to let the hens out onto their fresh pasture in the dawn of a new day.  It makes me think about how we manage our hens is aligned with their body clocks, with natural daylight affecting their behaviour.  ...

October 12, 2020

We are live!

I’m really excited to be able to say our new website is live and thank you for visiting!  It is the culmination of a lot of work over the past few years towards being able to offer our quality produce to a wider local audience.  It is also an opportunity to share our journey as we develop our farming using regenerative agriculture methods and I hope you will enjoy seeing the animals as they grow and develop to produce the eggs and meat that we sell. Through our blog, I hope you’ll ...

September 22, 2020

A warm welcome to Redwoods Farm

Redwoods Farm is located in Mid Devon, close to the Somerset border and for a lowland farm, sits quite high at up to 850 feet above sea level.  It came into the family in 2007 when it was purchased by my parents, Mark & Pauline Chapple.  Here I’ll explain how they moved from contemporary, more intensive farming to regenerative agriculture methods....

September 18, 2020

Regenerative agriculture principles & practice

Soil is the foundation of the ecosystem; without it, plants cannot grow and therefore animals cannot be sustained. In a single handful of healthy soil, billions of individual microorganisms are found, all of which work in harmony to provide ecological functions such as breaking down organic matter to make nutrients available for plants.  Here I will explain in more depth the regenerative agriculture principles that we follow....

September 16, 2020

Our blog categories

We thought we’d give you a little overview of what to expect from our blogs, taking you through each category to see what it will contain. So read on for a quick heads up on each category . . ....

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